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As a computer engineer, I enjoy working on innovative and challenging projects, finding the best possible solutions to complex issues and putting new technology to the test.
Aug. 2009 - Nov. 2011 INTM Lyon
OpenSource systems engineer
  • Developed and maintained a custom Debian-based Linux distribution aimed at scientific computing, for workstations and large-scale HPC clusters
  • Selected, adapted and maintained IT management tools (Pulse2) and assisted other teams on infrastructure projects (storage, authentication, printing, virtualization)
  • Developed new features for FAI, a fully automatic installer, enhancing the automated partitioning & filesystem setup tool
Feb. - Aug. 2008 BT Infrastructures Critiques Lyon
Datacenter tooling engineer
  • Developed and integrated custom, large-scale, multi-NOC monitoring tools (Nagios-based) including asset management integration for host and network topology information
  • Rewrote part of the central event handling and event correlation code (SEC)
2005 - June 2007 Linbox FAS Metz
Product manager
  • Designed the LIPS IP telephony solution, based on Asterisk and SIP (multi-sites, redundant)
  • Developed the configuration agent and GUI module integrating the LIPS solution into Linbox' centralized, web-based management console
  • Designed scalable/fault-tolerant VPN solutions, with OpenVPN and OSPF
  • Researched and wrote a migration tool for the FirstClass groupware, reverse-engineering the on-disk data store
2004 Sirius Technologies Metz
Software development engineer
  • Architected an all-in-one, turn-key, Linux-based workgroup server solution for SMBs, including automatic deployment platform and datacenter-hosted solution
OpenSource projects and activities
  • Wrote an event-based DAAP multimedia sharing server (forked-daapd) as a better alternative to FireFly Media Server. Designed from the ground up to be Unix-portable, all the while making use of platform-specific optimizations when possible (epoll, eventfd, timerfd, signalfd). Initially built on top of libevent and ported over to Grand Central Dispatch
  • Wrote the pommed daemon to handle various hardware features of the Mac laptops on Linux and worked on the rEFIt boot menu and EFI runtime in Debian
  • Ported TiLP and its low-level communication libraries to Mac OS X 10.1 to 10.3. Developed a Cocoa GUI and an IOKit-based USB driver – before the release of the official Texas Instruments solution. Also worked on the Linux port to improve the architecture and implementation (including Linux kernel drivers)
  • Contributed to the Debian MIPS port: Linux kernel patches, ARCS bootloader maintenance
  • Contributed to the SANE project: Linux integration (hotplug, udev, ConsoleKit), system and networking code, introduced mDNS support in the saned server
  • Member of the Debian Project, producer of the eponymous Linux distribution
Systems More than 10 years of experience with Unix-like operating systems (esp. Debian), storage & backup systems, monitoring, SSO
Networks Advanced network architectures with BGP and/or OSPF), load balancers, failover switches, firewalls, VPN gateways, QoS
Services Standard Internet services, VoIP (SIP, Asterisk), PostgreSQL, PgCluster, Oracle, MySQL
Development On Unix-like and embedded platforms (VxWorks, ...) using low-level and high-level languages (assembly language, C, C++, Objective-C, Perl, PHP, Java, SQL, PL/SQL, Shell, ...). Git, Subversion and CVS version control systems. C code with both gcc and Clang.
Wrote device drivers and kernel code.
Available upon request.